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Why You Absolutely Need A Sales Funnel

Imagine if someone came up to you in the street and asked you if you’d like to buy a $5,000 watch. 99.9999% of the time, you would say no to that offer. Why? Well, apart from the fact that you might not want a watch (you are a ‘cold lead‘ in that respect), there’s also the

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8 Reasons Why You Should Do Social Media Marketing

Just to be sure, if you’re in any way, shape or form unclear as to the immense value of social media marketing, here are 8 reasons why it needs to be part of your comprehensive online marketing plan. Maybe your current plan puts more emphasis on SEM (Search Engine Marketing), maybe you’re currently focused on outreach—those

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Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Top Content

A question that’s probably on your mind is, “How do I know which content to produce?“ Well, there are two main ways to do this: You can try to figure things out on your own and engage in all sorts of experiments, or you can just simply allow your competitors to do your homework for

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Creating A Targeted Facebook Group

One of the best ways to find leads in your niche and spark meaningful conversations with them is by creating a group that is targeted at their interests and behaviors, and in this lesson we are going to show you how to create one of your own, the easy way. Getting Started Okay, so the

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Content Curation: Your Secret Social Media Marketing Weapon

After picking the specific sub-niche that you’re going to be targeting and doing advanced research on where your sub-niche or niche segment audiences are located on social media platforms, the next step is to find content. I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you stand to save a

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How Facebook Retargeting Works

Chances are that you have been on the receiving end of retargeting at some point or other. You’ve probably also heard people talk about retargeting without really knowing what it is. Maybe your mom exclaimed at some point how weird it was that she kept seeing ads for a new heating unit… and just when


How To Get Started With Facebook Retargeting

After you know how custom audiences and retargeting work, the next question is how to go about setting up your own retargeting campaign and get it up and running. What’s important to recognize at this point is that Facebook is a constantly evolving platform and is constantly updating its UI, it’s systems, and its features.


Designing The Perfect Ad – Tips And Tricks

After you set up your custom audience and are ready to retarget, you need to actually create the ad. This will involve taking a few more steps and then thinking creatively about what is likely to encourage people to buy and what will actually make you a profit. The next question you’ll be prompted to


Creating Optimized Facebook Marketing Posts

Facebook pages are much more than virtual billboards, they’re basically social profiles for brands, companies, and businesses, and they give you all the tools you need to interact with your audience. The primary and most basic tool for interaction is Facebook posting. With Facebook posts you can establish thought leadership by engaging with users through

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