Fast Images

Load Images Faster

One of the biggest issues affecting most site’s speeds is the size of the images that are used. Webonli Fast Images allows you to optimize all of your images in bulk for superior loading speeds which increases your Google PageSpeed. 

Webonli Fast Images
Fast Images Webonli

What’s included: Easily bulk optimize all of your images for faster speeds

2x Compression


Fast Images lets you save more than 200% of the image size without any drops in image quality

Unlimited Images


Fast Images can be used on an unlimited number of image on your site and future images



Resize and Rescale all of your images to fit Google's guidelines in only one click.

WebP Support


Fast Images lets you save any of the images that you have uploaded as the new get WebP format

PNG to JPG Converter


Automatically convert any non-transparent PNG image to JPG while retaining image quality



Fast Images can also reduce the size of large images up to 32MB in just one click.

Backup Originals


Fast images gives you the option to save the original version of your pictures as a backup