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Creating A Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Creating A Facebook Retargeting Campaign

There are going to be a lot of times when you get website visitors that will simply forget that your business exists a few minutes after, even if they liked your content and intended to visit your site again, simply because they get distracted with something else.

Because of this, Facebook offers an amazing marketing service called retargeting. With retargeting, Facebook tracks users that visit your website and shows them your content when they’re on Facebook.

This is a very technical marketing method for advanced users, but in this lesson, we are going to show an easy way to create Facebook retargeting campaigns in just a few clicks.

Getting Started

creating-a-facebook-retargeting-campaignRetargeting works by tracking Facebook users that visit a website using a tracking code called the Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel is simply a line of code that you
have to install on your website once, and you will find it right on the ads manager.

So, you have to start by visiting the “” URL while logged in to your Facebook account.

Next, you are going to click on the menu icon in the top bar and then on the Pixels” option under the “Measure and Report” section.

This will take you to the “Data Sources” page, where you’ll find the pixel code corresponding to your ads account. To get your pixel, click on the “Set Up Pixel” button, then click on “Manually Add Pixel Code To Website”. Now you are going to click on the code to copy it to your clipboard, so you can install it on your site.

Installing The Retargeting Code On Your Site

how-to-create-a-facebook-retargeting-campaignYou are going to install this code into the header section of your site. This will depend on what type of content management system you use. We currently use WordPress, so in this example we are going to show you how to install it on a WordPress site, though adding the code in that section of your site is going to
work the same on other CMS.

If you’re using WordPress, go to your site’s dashboard, move over the “Appearance” tab in the sidebar menu, and click on the “Theme Editor” option.

In the following page, locate “Theme Header” under the “Theme Files” menu and click on it. What you’ll do now is to locate the “</head>” tag and paste the pixel code right above it. Now click on “Update File” to install the code on your site.

Now go back to where you left on Facebook and check that the pixel is active.

Once the pixel shows activity, click on “Continue”.

In the following page, click on “Manually Add Event Code”. Now click on the “View Content” option. Scroll down this page and copy the event code. Now go back to WordPress and paste this code right below the “</head>” tag. Then, click on “Update File”.

Awesome! Now the tracking code is fully installed and working on your site, so you can create retargeting campaigns, so let’s get to it!

Creating A Retargeting Campaign

Creating a Facebook retargeting campaign is fairly similar to creating a traffic campaign, so what you’ll do is to go to your ads manager dashboard, and then you’ll click on the “Create Ad” button.

best-strategies-for-creating-a-facebook-retargeting-campaignOnce in the campaign creation page, select “Conversions” as the marketing objective.

Next, enter the name of this campaign, click on “Set Up Ad Account”, and then click on Continue”.

Now it is time to set up the ad set. Start by entering the name of this new ad set into the “Ad Set Name” field.

Now move to the “Conversion” section. Make sure that “Website” is selected as the “Destination”, Then, click on the “Conversion Event” field and select “View Content” as the conversion event. Leave the “Cost Control” field empty and move to the “Audience” section.

Here we are going to define the retargeting audience just like we did in the previous lesson, so let’s start by selecting the target locations. Next, let’s select the “Age”, and then the “Genders”. Lastly, let’s open the “Detailed Targeting” section to define the detailed targeting with keywords.

In “Placements” we are going to leave “Automatic Placements” selected, so let’s move to the “Budget and Schedule” section.

Here you simply select “Daily Budget” as the budget strategy, and “Run My Ads Continuously Starting Today” as the

Enter your daily budget into the amount field, and click on “Continue” to start creating the ad.

First, enter the name of the retargeting ad into the “Ad Name” field. Now move to the “Identity” section, click on the “Facebook Page” menu button, and select your Facebook business page.

Because your retargeting targets come from viewing on your site, the best strategy here is to show them more content by targeting them with one of your page posts. So, what you’ll do now is to click on the “Use Existing Post” tab.

Now click on the Select Post” button. Next, select the Facebook post that you are going to retarget and click on “Continue”.

Now preview your retargeting ad in the preview window to the right, click on Review” to review your campaign settings, and then  click on “Confirm” to launch the campaign.

And that’s it! An easy way to create Facebook Retargeting campaigns so you never miss the chance of converting a website visitor into a Facebook lead!

Tap Into the Power of One of the Most EFFECTIVE Forms of Marketing Available, Facebook!



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