Booking Calendar

Appointments made easy!

Make booking appointments convenient for you and your customers. Booking Calendar allows your customers to effortlessly book on their own without having to wait for you to reply back. They'll automatically get an email and SMS reminders confirming their appointment so they won't miss it, and you'll get an email notification each time someone books so that you can keep track of your schedule easily!


It's a cohesive, user-friendly system for running your business end-to-end.


Google & Zoom Integrations

Google and Zoom Integration streamlines the appointment booking process by automatically syncing your bookings between Google Calendar and Zoom. This integration saves you time and eliminates the possibility of scheduling errors.

SMS Reminders

The perfect solution to busy people on the go. Send automated text messages to remind your customers of their upcoming appointments.


Email Reminders

Remind customers about their appointments with handy notification emails when an appointment is made, confirmed, and a day before the booking date to help keep your customers coming back, and also prevent no-shows.


Easily set up availability windows so your clients will only be able to see times when you are free; no more missed appointments or double bookings!


Admin Notifications

Get notified when a new appointment has been scheduled, so you can stay on top of everything in one place!

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Booking Calendar

Make booking appointments convenient for you and your customers

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